What is an ANYBAG, anyway?

ANYBAG, or a New York Bag, is a luxury tote made from upcycled plastic bags.

Uh…Trash? Isn’t that dirty?

Most plastic bags, made from a material that essentially lasts forever, are only used for 15 minutes to three weeks max. At this point, we are only collecting clean plastic film. We dream of a future where we can scale and have a facility to sterilize and repurpose the plastic that is less-than-pristine.

If it’s made from trash, why is it so expensive?

Our proprietary textile is lovingly woven by our artisans, who are paid fairly for their time and skill. The plastic is collected, sorted, cut into strips, fused together, hand woven on a loom, cut, and sewn. Behind every ANYBAG is a chain of valued human beings.

Okay but why Upcycle? Why not Recycle?

Believe it or not, not all plastic is readily recyclable. The type of film plastic that makes ziplocks and shopping bags gets caught in the teeth of the sorting machines at the plastic recycling facilities and actually causes huge amounts of damages and repairs each year. So, if you put plastic bags and cling wrap into your recycling bin, it’s still headed to the landfill, and might mess up the machines at the facility that are sorting them away from the bottles and containers that are getting recycled. We are closing the loop on this type of common place, unrecyclable plastic by making it into a keepsake with a lifetime guarantee.

How practical is it for everyday use?

Durability is an understated luxury. Our ANYBAGs are expertly constructed and can hold up to a hundred pounds. They hold up with repeated use and are meant to last a lifetime. If your ANYBAG takes a beating, you can send it to us and we will repair it for free, for life.

What are the care instructions?

If your ANYBAG interacts with some questionable stuff, you can wash it in cold water and hang it up to dry.

Where do you get the plastic from?

It started with our own factory waste, then we started to collect plastic from schools and including kids in the process of learning about circular production, and we partner with brands to transform their waste into branded product.

Do you have any additional products?

We are always testing new designs. Currently, we offer the MINI and the CLASSIC in 4 color ways. Once these color ways are phased out, we will introduce our next season of colors.

Can I give you my plastic?

More helpful than just giving us your waste is to partner with ANYBAG to turn your trash into treasure. If you are a brand or company or organization, we can make your collection of single use plastic into a branded product that you can provide to your customers and clients.