• World Traveler - aNYbag Made in NYC
  • World Traveler - aNYbag Made in NYC
  • World Traveler - aNYbag Made in NYC

World Traveler

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Take this bite sized ANYBAG around the globe. The little scrap that could.

Each World Traveler will divert approximately 9 single-use plastic bags from hitting landfills. Every passport is unique and one of a kind, handmade in Manhattan by New Yorkers, from New York’s finest trash.

Plastic is pervasive. Since its introduction, the global north has grown to consume over 100 billion plastic bags per year. Ideally, producers will simply close the tap. Until then, we're on a mission to capture and reimagine it.

ANYBAG tote diverts 148 single-use bags from landfills and waterways, transforming this ubiquitous material into a one-of-a kind wearable artifact with a lifetime guarantee.



The durability & reslience of plastic makes sending it to the landfill problematic. We've harnessed that reslience. If treated right, an ANYBAG can be used for the rest of your life.

If it rips, tears or breaks we will bring it back to life. Click here to purchase a roundtrip shipping ticket back to where it came from.